Hearing loss can affect people of any age, due to heredity, medical conditions or even exposure to loud noise.  However, as we start getting older, we naturally become more prone to hearing loss due to changes in the delicate mechanics of our ears. This simple screening will help you identify a potential hearing problem.

In-Office Repairs

If you have a hearing aid that isn’t working how it should or may need repair, don’t throw it away or leave it sitting in the bottom of a drawer! Most of the time it only takes a small repair or reprogramming to get old or broken hearing aids working again. Bring your hearing aid to Best Hearing Aid Center of Port Charlotte, and we can let you know if it is repairable.

Fiber-Optic Ear Wax Removal

Sometimes ear wax gets lodged way down in the ear canal and degrades your hearing, until you find a way to get it out, hopefully without damage to the delicate ear drum. Our Fiber-Optic Ear Wax removal procedure, provides a way for you to see how much ear wax has been built up in there so we can safely and effectively remove it.


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New Best Hearing Aid Centers Englewood Office Location: 2650 S McCall Rd, Suite C Englewood, FL 34224 Phone: 941-681-2241

We are excited to announce that we opened a new Best Hearing Aid Center in Englewood, Fl. We hope you will stop by and enjoy the same services we provide at our Port Charlotte office. If you would like more information about the new location, or would like to setup an appointment Contact us.


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State Of The Art Fiber-Optic Ear Wax Removal Procedures

With the invention of Fiber-Optic Video Otoscopy, Mr. Cleppe was able to show his patients on the monitor the issues due to ear wax build-up. Mr. Cleppe would then conduct an extraction of wax from the ear canal that was comfortable to the patient and would cause his patients a better understanding of the problems that ear wax would cause.

Hearing aid users would also benefit from this procedure, as ear wax would cause the aid to whistle or plug up due to the excessive wax build-up.

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Free Clinic on our Fiber-Optic Ear Wax Removal Service


Best Hearing Aid Center is very excited to offer this public service to you or a loved one at no cost. If you do have an ear wax blockage, our specialist will show you on the monitor and then perform an extraction of ear wax using a Fiber-Optic Ear Wax Removal Procedure to bring your hearing back. This procedure is done with a fiber-optic camera, so you can watch the procedure performed on a computer monitor.

We Care About Our Military Families.

All military vets receive free service and adjustments at no charge. Our way of saying Thank You for serving our Country!

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